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Today i m up with my first blog,

Bride looks really gorgeous in white heavy dress but some of them dont knows this girls really look good in simple white dress.

To wear white ,you need to boost up confidence because white isĀ  that color which rarely look good on girls.

Many of them ask me this question why you prefer white among all the colors.

So i replied to them white is so elegant it shows up my audaciousness in between so many peoples.Bold colors are always shows your inner soul.

What are you in your real life that only showed up by the colors. if you are sad in your life then you will always pick up fade colors from your wardrobe but if you are happy then you will be go with bold colors.

So this time i just try new tank top from Amazon and white elegant jeans from Levis. You need to remember one thing with tank tops always try it with padded lingerie because tank top is a light-stuff.

There is one misconception among girls that small figure size girls need padded lingerie but this is not true.Even big figure size girls always go with padded one .It shows your curves beautifully and flaunt them nicely.

Have a look on my pics i m wearing simple white dress.Sometimes simplicity and a good figure can steal anyone Heart.

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