So,Today I m up with my another blog about red lipstick💄

Admit it Girls,we all ‘r crazy about red lips..that’s true.

Even I’m very much crazy about red lipstick because it shows real sexuality and sensuality of lips.

But Despite of this what’s about Neurotoxicity.

Believe me guys It has so many Heavy metals like -Chromium,Cadmium,aluminium and magnesium which prone to ‘ve high risk of organ’s damage .Do you know guys one thing that cadmium is stored in our kidney which result into renal failure.By continuous use of RED lipstick it will led into stomach tumor.


It also has formaldehyde and mineral oils which is carcinogenic in nature.

You will be amazed by knowing this the main component of red bar lipstick is LEAD which is really a neurotoxic material and you know  this is really a brain damage chemical.


This happen  ‘s due to continuous use of red lipstick.

So this blog is for continuous user of red lipstick.


  • Try to avoid regular use of red lipstick or go for a organic type lip balm.
  • .
  • Boys you too avoid red lipstick which you very much like on your beloved.

In my next blog I will talk about ,How to overcome the effects of these chemicals.

Do let me know about blog .

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Till then stay tuned and stay fit🎀



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