Holla guys,

This post is somewhere  totally different from my all other post.

From this tale of platform I wanna share one Instagram bitter reality.

Today,Instagram has 4.5  million+ users which is probably mutated like genes in recent times and this number gonna increase in upcoming days.Many girls are using this platform to get fame,money and  for promotions.

Apart from the models life,Bloggers life, shout-out pages  .

There is one more thing which is faced by many girls .


In the name of famous Allure magazine,Play boy magazine  and Volo magazine cowards people offer fake shoots On Instagram . They promise you to pay   million of money and offer you nude art shoot,Boudoir shoot and Bikini shoot.

Whatever They do  , do it like in a professional way. Even you cant recognize them, They are hard to find out by common girls.These insane boys ask you to give audition ,ask you to give nude photos and give poses n all.

For so many long time they will give you training for poses and continuously ask for nude photos .

When they find out something went wrong then they vanished for some time and again appear with some strong Excuse.

This post is regarding social awareness towards Instagram users who are continuously using Instagram Id’s for their work and for any other things. Please always remind this things don’t believe on any fake modelling offers.These things are very much common on Instagram.

I am able to give this data because personally i experienced  this somewhere in my  past life. But I was so smart to get rid over from this problem.

Later I opened one shoutout page and I tried to find out how many young girls on Instagram going through with this problem and from that page ,I get to know some surprising facts.More than 70% girls on Instagram facing this problem and received this type of messages.

Later ,I helped these anonymous girls who were facing this type troubles. I am sorry but I can’t share ID’s of them.

Even I tried to contact these Magazines Instagram official id’s so that they can update some relevant information on their account,  but it is very hard to contact them.

 So ,If anyone facing this type of problem and need some advice feel free to contact me.

You can share your problem here or if you want you can directly message on my Instagram account I am always eager to help who want help in a serious way.


stay tunned and stay alert.


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