The summer Raga,DON’T Compromise your comfort zone.

Hey peeps,


So I am back with my another blog.

Now It’s time to catch up something new on this summer season

I know everyone liking tight jeans and sleavless top.

But I am glad to share about my free style dressing.So my frilly skirts are up for this season and my top from @zara.

@zara is my first love from all the brands.

So I co-ordinate my red frilly skirt with my short @zara top which is white in color.

It is always being amazing with short skirts, you can comfortably handle it and go anywhere.sometimes long dress may create some trouble in your comfort zone and also being a short girl it is very hard for me to handle it.This is my free style dressing which is very much comfortable .This style is very common and for summer it is best among all style and the white and red color which is very eye catching color you can carry this style in disc and pubs.You can freely dance in this type of dress and enjoy your awesome day.sometimes short dress may sacrifice your comfort zone.But this dress is not so short and not so long.

I can proudly say this yes I  am a short height-ed one girl, Yes I carry high heels all the time because it give me a bit classy look which is awesome .One thing I have to suggest if you are going to wear heels in your day to day life then try to avoid pencil heels because it will create pain your foot like hell.Block heels are good for this.

So this summer try some frilly skirts with top and get set ready for Summer Raga.


Yup…Very soon i will came up with my new blog which is going to be quite different and bold.💘

Be ready for some bold poses.

That’s it for now,

stay fit and motivated too🎀

with love😘😍💟💕💖


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