Hey guys ,

Lately, I have been decided to came up with my another blog .

Yeah on blog site i had completed  10 blogs with this, and I am quite excited to share pictures of this blog.

This blog is my short and cute one but with lots of pics .

My love for  @hm brand is not over with this blog,It’s just a start. I am in love with the reasonable price and the fabric of cloth.

I am wearing my super cool black top and I paired it up with @Bare denim ripped jeans which give me  a bit classy  look.

Have some look on my pics.

So as i said this one is my short and cute blog,

I will be back soon with lot of blogs and pics😘

Till then🎀


 with love 🎀




Hey peeps,

As i said in my previous blog this blog is somewhere different from my other blog.

In My this blog I am showing My bold poses.

Yes, you are a Blogger that means not u don’t have right to give bold poses.

Why always you are flaunting your curves and showing dresses?

So say yes to poses..You can give your best shots to your blog.

I am just wearing my Black and white  top in which there is little design on neck region which looks littlebit classy not Gaudy.

This top is from “madame”and I paired it up with my black sporty skin tight leggy which is quite comfortable in giving poses.

So this time don’t go simple for blog be like a poser,be like a model .

Have a look on my poses.

Every girl is like a model It’s just You had to find your inner beauty  .You just need to peep in your heart..Every girl is having some charm..what’s that charm just find out..No one is ugly… Feel like a queen👑 of yourself.

Though,You are the only one who can spread your audaciousness in the world.

You don’t need Any-Type of praise from someone…Be like “I know I am beautiful I don’t need your praise or advice.”

At any point of your life Don’t be get Demoralised..Troubles are just the second name of life.

last but not the least,

Destiny is simply,

the strength of your  desire,

If you Cry at you trouble

It grows Double,

And if you laugh At a trouble😘

It Disappears like a Bubble

That’s it for now ,I think you guys quite motivated by this.

Guys stay fit and Happy always.

If you want any help and want to boost your confidence feel free to get connected.

With lots of love ,



Hey peeps,

Today i m up with my first blog,

Bride looks really gorgeous in white heavy dress but some of them dont knows this girls really look good in simple white dress.

To wear white ,you need to boost up confidence because white is  that color which rarely look good on girls.

Many of them ask me this question why you prefer white among all the colors.

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